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Ponnar and Shankar Part VI: Tribute Paid

The twin rulers of Ponnivala have taken revenge on their clan cousins. These people forced their parents, then the rulers of this prosperous area, into exile some sixteen years ago. Now those predecessors are dead and their twin sons rule Ponnivala together.

The younger of the two brothers has just spearheaded an act of revenge. As a result, the families of the original aggressors now find themselves in similar circumstances. The have been forced to leave their home village by these two young kings.

They have no more with them than one ox cart and what they can carry on their backs (and heads). These desolate families are now making their way into Chola territory. They are walking East, following the lovely Kaveri river whose water flows in the same direction. Their hope is to meet the Chola king of Uriyur and to complain to him about their fate.

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