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1-PRINTThe Kings Contest01 coverThe King’s Contest:

The land of Vellivala falls under a terrible drought, and the nine farmer brothers who live there visit the Chola King in search of help. They’re granted the land of Ponnivala for all their hard work, but the artisans who live there don’t want to give it up. Can Lord Vishnu help the Chola King decide who should keep the land? [read it here]

2-PRINTA Prince for Ponnivala01 coverA Prince for Ponnivala:

The kingdom of Ponnivala is flourishing, but the king and queen have never had any children, and they are very sad. Is this their fate, or will their greatest wish come true? [read it here]

The Best Boar You Can Be The Best Boar You Can Be:

In this original fable based on characters from The Legend of Ponnivala, Baby Komban finds out that even though he’s different from the other animals and people in Ponnivala, he’s still pretty good at being what he is.

What special things are you good at? What makes you the best YOU you can be? [read it here]

4-PRINTA Forest Wedding01 coverA Forest Wedding:

An orphan boy grows up in the service of a wealthy farming family. When he falls in love with their young sister, there is little he can do…until his true identity is revealed to him by a magical friend. Can this young couple convince her family that he is her rightful husband, and claim the throne of Ponnivala? [read it here]

5-PRINTThe Farmer King coverThe Farmer King:

Kunnutaiya Gounder has spent many years away from his home country of Ponnivala. Although he is the rightful king, his uncles will do everything they can to stop him from claiming the throne. Will one tiny, rocky field be enough for Kunnutaiya and Tamarai to grow a fine crop and rebuild the family palace? [read it here]