Be A Story Writer -- A Jungle Tale

Write your own story! Just fill in the questions below (there's nothing private to worry about), and click the "Write Story" button to see an automatically-generated story of your very own!

You can send us your story by using our contact form. Remember to include your full name (we'll only use your first name and last initial), where you live, and your age. We'll post your story on our blog so you can share it with your friends!

(note: We only use contact information to share your story's link with you. We do not post personal or contact information of users online.

First Name: Name of a Jungle Plant:
Last Name: Name of a Friend:
Male or Female: A Piece of Furniture:
Age: A word expressing Anger (eg. Hey!, or Enough!):
Mother's First Name: Your Favourite Drink:
Your Favourite Color: A Room in Your House:
Your City: Your Favorite Hobby:
Your State: Your Father's Name:
Type of animal: Your Favourite Store:
Your Favourite TV Show: Word to Describe Someone's Rear-End:

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